Monday, May 2, 2016

Busch Gardens

Denise and I went to Busch Gardens Saturday as part of a company outing, Denise and I love Busch Gardens just for the animals. We don't do rides except the Sky Ride and Train.

Part of the outing was at night so couldn't see many of the animals, but they had different animal handlers as we walked about, we saw a armadillo, owl and a Boa(snake).
The owl was being camera shy, but Denise took a hundred photos of it, I took one, here it is.

Due to some relatives not liking snakes, I wont post them. (Nick)

The Orangutans were having a blast, first i seen them this active. Usually just sitting around in the shade.

 The Merkats caught a Minion, Was not good for the minion.

 Gators were out enjoying the sun as well, the turtle felt safe enough to soak up some rays also.