Thursday, May 26, 2022

Common Sense Time

 So many children were killed and the blame game between political parties has started.

Why can't they come together on anything except raises for themselves?

Stricter Gun Laws they say, well look at Chicago with some of the strictest laws in the US.

So that's not gonna work. Mental Health awareness, didn't we just update after the last shooting and defunding Police?

How about background checks on all gun purchases. Waiver for concealed carry holders as background already done. But a courtesy check should be done, just in case at minimum with the local Sheriff.

Any violent arrest, mental health issues no GUNS for you. 

3-day grace period on all gun purchases. Gives time for a background check also. Extend as needed until check is complete.

There are so many more things that can be done, that should have been done long ago. 

Let your representatives know your opinion, I have. Don't be a Monday QB. Speak now or you might not have a chance later. 

This is my humble opinion and I hope it makes you think and reach out to your reps.

Gob bless and have a great day.