Sunday, April 22, 2018

Nation in decline

Guns do not Kill people, people kill people. And NO you cannot not hit reset and get a free life as if playing a game. 

 Seems to me that when the Nation started taking God out of schools, City Halls and many more places is when the decline started. No, that is not the sole contributor, but a large one in my humble opinion.

 Hmm sure seems that is when spanking became a BAD Thing also.

 There are so many things now that keeps kids from learning manners, respecting others. Seems to be the internet and TV are the Teachers of all things to kids nowadays, ask a teen what is the capital of Wyoming, they more than likely will be unable to answer. Ask them about the newest game, movie, song and they will spout out so many facts your head will spin.

 Wanna see manners or lack of at work go to a Wawa, 7-11 or any store that the door needs to be opened by hand. Watch the interactions at the door. I did this and less than 50% of customers held the door for the next person if they were close by, some even rushed in rather than hold the door. Man or woman numbers are pretty much the same. So couples did a little better, not much though. Older the person the more likely they would hold the door for you.

 Usually the person was reviewing whatever on his phone and not paying attention to the surroundings. Should say at least trying to act like it.

 During this watching also noticed hardly a word is said during the interactions.
No thanks or you are welcome was delivered, a nod was most prevalent during these exchanges.

 Like it or not, we are here on this planet with the other humans, we need to acknowledge this and act like we care for each other.

 Smile say Good morning to the next stranger, you will get a good feeling and the stranger will to, and more than likely he/she will repeat  it the the person they see next.  Pass it on, be a good thing to start.

Blessings to all, when you see something that needs to be done and think someone should do that, be the someone. Make an impression on all around.