Saturday, October 17, 2015

Largo Fire Dept. Chili Cook off

Great time at the Largo FD Chili Cook off with Denise, daughter Brandy and My Pal AL.
Free chili tasting, K9 demo, ambulance viewing and kids riding in Fire truck with lights and siren wailing.
There was some Owls there, great looking so close.
Bayflite flew in and landed and made the day for lots of kids.

Great Job Largo FD and all involved.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Saturday with the wife in Sarasota.

It was my birthday weekend and decided to travel to the Amish Country in Sarasota.

We decided to see the Para Surfers by the skyway as we headed south first.
Nice View from side of road

Went to the Pumpkin Festival next and enjoyed some old town farm fun and a little craft fair. Got to help reset a tent that the wind blew over as soon as we got there, so hopefully wasn't a sign of things to come.


Time to go get some fuel for our bodies and have a nice sit down at Yoders Amish Restaurant.

Got Denise to try some Fried Okra.
Thats a where is the napkin to spit it out look!

Great fun with the wife and some great god sightings while we were out and about the Tampa Bay area.