Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year

 2018 is gone and 2019 has arrived, we have new neighbors and our neighborhood has never been this loud on NYE.

 The other day received my Associate Chaplain Minister credentials from CLI.
January 5th will be receiving my Associate Minister from Christian leaders Institute in person, they will be here in St. Petersburg for a gathering of CLI members and handing out Certificates and Ordinations to those that earned them.

 Happy Birthday to Chy Marie, 20 years old today which also marks 20 years of being smoke-free for me and Denise.

 God has greatly blessed our family this year and we will never be able to say thanks to all who helped us reach our goals and continue supporting our new goals.

Blessings to all and a Happy New Year.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Look, the Lamb of God

I found this devotional and liked it enough to make my version.
God Bless you all.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Why become a Stephen Minister

Why become a Stephen Minister?

A Stephen Minister comes alongside a hurting person and meets with that person on a weekly basis to listen, care, encourage, pray, and provide emotional and spiritual support. Men are paired with men; women with women.

Before becoming a care giver and accepting their first care receiver, each Stephen Minister receives 50 hours of carefully designed training in a rewarding and enjoyable small group experience. Through readings, role-play, and shared interactions, trainees bond as a group, learn to be better listeners, and experience the power of the Stephen Ministry program.

The Stephen Ministry training will change the way you interact with people on a daily basis. With all the pain and grief we see and experience as humans, it will be hard for you to not also see the ways in which God loves us so deeply and cares about our personal healing.

Choose to be a better listener, a more compassionate friend, and to walk alongside someone else who needs you. All of us have special gifts and can add so much to this vital and important ministry. To find out more about Stephen Ministry and the rewards of becoming a Stephen Minister, contact Pastor Peggy or Steve Russell in the lobby after services in the lobby. You can also leave a message at the church office and Steve or Pastor Peggy will get back to you.

Since the founding of Stephen Ministry more then one and a half million people have received care from Stephen Ministers.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Nation in decline

Guns do not Kill people, people kill people. And NO you cannot not hit reset and get a free life as if playing a game. 

 Seems to me that when the Nation started taking God out of schools, City Halls and many more places is when the decline started. No, that is not the sole contributor, but a large one in my humble opinion.

 Hmm sure seems that is when spanking became a BAD Thing also.

 There are so many things now that keeps kids from learning manners, respecting others. Seems to be the internet and TV are the Teachers of all things to kids nowadays, ask a teen what is the capital of Wyoming, they more than likely will be unable to answer. Ask them about the newest game, movie, song and they will spout out so many facts your head will spin.

 Wanna see manners or lack of at work go to a Wawa, 7-11 or any store that the door needs to be opened by hand. Watch the interactions at the door. I did this and less than 50% of customers held the door for the next person if they were close by, some even rushed in rather than hold the door. Man or woman numbers are pretty much the same. So couples did a little better, not much though. Older the person the more likely they would hold the door for you.

 Usually the person was reviewing whatever on his phone and not paying attention to the surroundings. Should say at least trying to act like it.

 During this watching also noticed hardly a word is said during the interactions.
No thanks or you are welcome was delivered, a nod was most prevalent during these exchanges.

 Like it or not, we are here on this planet with the other humans, we need to acknowledge this and act like we care for each other.

 Smile say Good morning to the next stranger, you will get a good feeling and the stranger will to, and more than likely he/she will repeat  it the the person they see next.  Pass it on, be a good thing to start.

Blessings to all, when you see something that needs to be done and think someone should do that, be the someone. Make an impression on all around.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Ordained Minister

 Some of you have seen that I have indeed became an Ordained Minister. Denise and I have been working on a ministry reaching out to the Homeless and needy in Pinellas Park, FL. I being the never enough wanted to learn more and that led me to becoming Ordained and now working on my Divinity degree.

 I will not be the first Minister in the family, hopefully I wont be the last.

If anyone reading this wants to help our ministry and click on giving and in notes put in Brown Bag Ministry.

I will be using this page to chronicle my Ministerial journey, Thanks and blessings to all.