Friday, December 30, 2011

This is our world, I am sorry

Snooki's bold new hair color

Ex-NFL star reportedly close to taking job

These are three of the top five news stories on Yahoo right now 12/30/11 3 pm.
Just tells you why and where are world is as of today, no big deal on Straits of Hormuz and oil supply being shut down. Drug war in Mexico is now claiming lives of Americans in the tourist areas, a area usually considered safe in Mexico(Not saying alot IMHO).

Doctors charged in Maryland case, Obama putting off raising debt limit so congress doesn't have to cut its vacation short. Brothers kills brother here in bay Pines, FL and wraps him in trash bags and puts him by dumpster for removal.

The Generation getting ready to take over America is very scary and thinks it deserves everything they want because they are here......That's it, they are here and deserve it. Do not wanna work for it like everyone else(almost). 

Good Luck America, we need it....

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Well now that Tim Tebow has won again, against the Bears who will be first to complain about his Christianity?

More when will they start reporting that he is a winner, whether it be ugly or pretty he is winning. He loves his God and that draws criticism for nothing more than having faith in GOD. Something our forefathers also had and printed on our money and more.

What would the nay Sayers be doing if a Muslim doing this, oh yes that would be a great and glorious thing to them. Guess they wouldn't report that he threw a 50 yard bomb to his wide receiver would they.

Congrats Tim for not bowing down to the feeble minded reporters.