Monday, April 12, 2010


 Have you ever wondered how so many people become so fanatical over sports teams?

 Teams owned by Millionaires, played by millionaires(mostly) supported by your tax dollar and your extra cash for team apparel and tickets. When they want a raise they sit out even though they got a contract, we be in the soup line if we tried this. Then they pay them for the time they missed anyways so not to hurt their feelings.

 Then the owner wants a new stadium, he threatens to leave the city and take his team with them if the local, state and any other government office doesn't help pay for it.

 So basically we are enslaved to the "Team".

 Yes i know many players help in the local communities but still they do it through foundations so they can write it off. Be nice to have more players being nice because thats what they wanna do, not what their agent or accountant and/or team tells them to do. Yes their are those rare players.

 WOW this was a mish mash of opinions, support your local high school and colleges more than the PAID professionals, you will make the unpaid players feel GREAT and you will too.

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