Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Saying WTF!

 So Obama nominates a person with no Judicial experience to be a Supreme Court "JUDGE". We have seen what it is to hire someone with no experience(Obama) and giving him a job he is unqualified for.

 Congress is already having meetings on the OIL RIG explosion and leak, even though the problem is still there, might be a good idea to find out what happened then have meetings to fix the proble, just saying.

 Pistachios are the better nut, just heard that online and now in an newspaper article.

  Who would have thunk, premiums will rise under Obamas Health Care Plan, duh!

 Tiger Woods withdrew from the TPC at Sawgrass yestreday due to a bulging disk, golf channel hottie reported it and stated due to a bulging di*k(penis) Tiger had to withdraw from the tourney, I agree that was also a possibility to.

 Spent a couple hours at a local beach before the oil arrives and who would have thunk that I would get burned from the sun, sure enough. REDDDDDDD

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