Monday, July 5, 2010

As the Oil spills

Obama says they been involved since day one and the oil continues to spill, if bush was still in office the Dem's would be holding impeachment proceedings by now.

We have this "A Whale" in the gulf testing to see if it works, it's an Oil Skimmer the size of a sky scrapper laying down, put it to work, can not hurt the situation if it is only 50% effective better than nothing.

President fires the General he said was the man he wanted, and put the man he replaced back in charge.

Israel is allowing consumable goods into the Gaza Strip now. Lets see what the residents complain about now.

Joey Chestnut wins Nathans Hot Dog contest for fourth year in a row, and Kobiashi the old champ gets arrested for making an ass of himself after the contest that he was not even a competitor in because he wouldnt sign a contract with the IFOCE.

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