Thursday, November 18, 2010

No date saturday night? Well then....

 Heard you can can someone get to 2nd base over at the airport, just decline the body scanner and get felt up for free. Cheaper than the local bimbo or Jock and a dinner, dance and drinks and hope to get to first base and stealing second in the car. Maybe hitting a home run.

 People are complaining about the new obtrusive searches and getting felt up and not getting even a kiss as they walk away from you when they are done, instead you are left their like a cheap date and have to find a ride home.

 Then again when a plane gets blown out of the air again people will be complaining that they aren't getting felt up enough.

 Welcome to America, where most can never be satisfied enough.  God Bless America where you can complain about this and not end up in prison.

 From Yahoo News; China has sentenced a woman to a year in a labor camp for "disrupting social order" by retweeting a satirical message urging Chinese protesters to smash the Japan pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, an international rights group said.

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