Saturday, February 26, 2011

Break time over, Steves back

 Decided on a break and rethink my priorities and this blog was not high on the list, but I have found it to be a conduit to relieve some stress.

 First and foremost may you all pray for the families of Law Enforcement officers everywhere, here in Tampa bay area we lost another Officer in St. Petersburg, thats 3 in a month. Sad part a 16 year old was arrested and confessed. Officer Crawford Rest In Peace, Your killer will RIP also( Rest in Prison ). We have created a memorial shirt for the 3 officers, all profits from shirts will be donated to Fallen officers Fund.

Memorial Shirt

 Obamacare is hitting the midwest, unions are convulsing and seeing there strangled hold on america loosening. IMHO whats your opinion on this?

 Well enough for now, see you wheb time to release some stress again.


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