Thursday, March 29, 2012

The NEW Buzz Word

George Zimmerman is a WHITE Hispanic now. This latest revelation must mean that Barack Obama is a WHITE African American.

Just when you think the race card is over the media pulls it out and uses it over and over again.

Twitter has had a account #killzimmernan for almost a week calling for George Zimmerman's death, but the account remains open.

Spike Lee gives out wrong address trying to cause problems for Zimmerman's parents. Morgan and Morgan Law Offices are now speaking to Mr. Lee. Don't hear a lot in the media about that though. Same for Rosie who did give out the correct address. Has-been stars trying to revitalize their careers on a young dead man.

Dear Media members this is a isolated case, the continued deaths of black males by black males is a problem that needs dealing with more than this.

Rosie keep your Big Arse out of it,  maybe we should put your address and phone numbers out there saying to go visit and see how you like it, never mind no one would go see your washed up self.

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