Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Democrats Scrambling

So since the President can't get amnesty passed thru congress, he tries an executive order after telling the American Citizens thats not how to do it.

He wants to give "amnesty" to 800,000 illegals so they can get work here, but the 12 million unemployed AMERICANS he does crap for. Hmm wonder who wants the Hispanic vote in November?

Got a feeling every month is gonna have a surprise from Mr. Obama as he struggles to stay in the White House.

Wants Gay vote so all of a sudden does an about face and is for same sex marriage.

Funny thing he didnt even try to help out in Wisconsin so I guess he doesn't want the union vote or he has a bigger present for them coming up in the months before the election.

Come back next week an see the newest episode of "as the Obama Spins".

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