Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear President Obama and Governor Romney

and every other Politician in this country.

  First debate is in a couple of days, let's try something differnet from here till Election day.
No more telling me the bad things about your opponent, JUST tell me what you are gonna do for me and my family.  No more secret videos that were unlawfully obtained. JUST what your programs and what your policies are gonna do to improve the American Way and our quality of life.

  I didn't come in this world a millionaire and probably will not be one on my judgement day, so stop telling me or forcing your money policies for me, just make the country self sufficeint and feed Americans not every country that says they need it. I believe Saudi Arabia can afford to buy their own goods. If a country needs our wheat, good equal trade in a resouce they have and we don't.

  Countries that wanna attack our Embassies should be immediately cut off from AID resources, Money or goods. Then don't reinstate if they comply. Make them wait and see what they are missing.
Better yet, stop all foreign aid that are not democracies, that fail in civil rights by our standards not the UN's. Use all that money for food programs for Americas homeless and hungry.

  Let's get to the countries we find spying on us, yet we have them as trading partners. I think that should be changed also. They get caught spying on us we freeze all funds in our Banks and they forfeit it just like a drug dealer that gets caught.  That money can help small businesses and home based businesses.

I am done here and while typing this I noticed it is easy to run this country if you guys stop trying to KISS every other countries arse. Worry about the God loving, God fearing country that a bunch of real Patriots started so many years ago on a basis so simple even they figured it out over a draft and a pipe puff.

God Bless the USA and all the citizens of this Great Country.

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