Monday, March 4, 2013

Sequestration and MORE

 Obama is out blaming the Republicans for this, when in fact he came up with this great idea so he could get a tax increase 18 months ago.

 Groupon CEO fired by the board of directors, in his letter to employees he accepted this for the poor performance of Groupon under his direction, and deserved to be fired, hey Barack Obama are you listening and reading this stuff. Taking personal responsibility what a unique idea. This was how America was built, but now we have become a Nanny State and everyone expects the government to give them everything.

 Free Phones to people on welfare, and they brag that they have multiple phones on the news, not afraid of retribution from Uncle Sam. More people on food stamps now more than EVER.

 Guess the new United Socialist States of America has arrived right here in the good ole USA.

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