Monday, March 15, 2010

What to do?

Working on the Honey do list and think I will need a vacation afterwards. Repair cracked window is done.

Paint – Working on it, bought a sprayer to hurry things along. 100 page user manual to say add paint and pull trigger.

Replace dried out wood(rot)- Almost done with that.

Why do me get two day weekends and a 5 day work week?  Doesn’t seem fair to me. 4-3 would be a good ratio.

Don’t forget call Senators and Representatives and tell them to vote NO on HR3200 or Health care Bill. I downloaded this bill and even me a plain citizen am scared when reading parts of this and when the Leaders of our government says don’t worry, let us approve it then you can see what's in it, I AM SCARED MORE.

Sorry so short, back to the Honey Do List.

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