Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where's the Basketball?

Seems our Congress has decided to start their own version of March Madness. Deeming a Bill has passed without ever having a vote. Welcome to Chicago style mob politics.  Our president is more concerned with 1600 homes being built in Jerusalem than with 3 Americans killed in Mexico or how about 500 Christians killed by Muslims and not a peep from our Commander in Chief except to vilify our strongest ally in the Middle east region.
Researching a proposed 28th Amendment right now, heard I will find some real good stuff in that one. Like the congress cannot make the citizens do something if they do not also partake in it. Hmmmmmm
Ohio inmate fails at suicide, only to be executed a week later. Could have saved some tax payers money and let him succeed in his attempt to kill himself.
And it only gets wackier.

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