Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of Year 2012

  So here we are at the end of 2012. Mayans were wrong as most expected.

 Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected. Blacks overwhelming voted for him saying that republicans are against blacks. There is one black Senator in the senate, he is a Republican. So much for Democrats are party of the blacks. Not one black democratic senator. That is a shame and a sham the Dem's have done.

 In football it seems it is the year of the rookies as rookies are excelling more than I can ever recall. 

 Jimmie Johnson didn't win NASCARs championship. A rare occurence indeed.

 NO Hockey yet and alot of people are ready for baseball already and have forgotten about the NHL. These athletes forget its a game and want more money in a year than most will see in a lifetime of labor. We will work till we are in our 60's they till 40 if they like the GAME. Then ask us to pay more for them to earn more.

 May all of you have a blessed year and be nice to other people and maybe it will catch on like a freaky South Korean Dance song.

GOD BLESS see you in 2013.


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