Saturday, February 16, 2013

NASCAR and More

 Gentlemen start your engines rang out tonight at Daytona. The first sight of spring besides pitchers and catchers reporting for baseball teams.

 Autopsy show Chris Dorner killed himself as most cowards do when finally cornered.

 Obamas State of the Union said needs more money but will not cost us a dime. Yeah right just like taxes won't go up for the middle class.

 Big Meteor missed earth, small one didn't. Russians still reeling from blast after meteorite exploded over the Ural region of Russia.

Time for my views on the above...

Big meteor orbit changed drastically and now will return to earths area in 30 years. NASA did not mention if projected trajectory is a near miss or direct hit. That is not said is worse than what was.

State of the Union and a 2nd inauguration is just a waste of money on a expensive "Dog and Pony show". Neither gets much accomplished in my humble opinion.

Chris Dorners name needs to be erased from the annals of humanity!!!!

Lets Go Racing Boys.......

Happy Valentines day to one and all, God Bless.

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